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          Stock code 002937

          To be the world’s leading system-solution provider in precision manufacturing 


          The value of an enterprise lies in the happiness of employees and the delights of customers


          Pursue the material and spiritual well-being of all staff and make contributions to the progress and development of mankind and society 

          About Us

          Ningbo Sunrise(002937)is a precision component supplier with comprehensive manufacturing and R&D competence. Our products are widely used in smart devices, automotive electronics, consumer electronics, and battery, motor and electronic control systems in the new energy vehicles, etc. With innovative R&D and advanced manufacturing competence as the core, we are focusing on new energy automobile electrical systems and smart devices, determined to provide customized systematic solutions for high-end customers.

          Core Competence

          Offering customers one-stop comprehensive manufacturing capabilities and quick response, we are able to deliver customers with highly customized quality products and services. While helping customers to create value, reduce cost and improve efficiency, we enhance our comprehensive competitiveness.

          One-stop Manufacturing

          Offer comprehensive one-stop manufacturing service which includes co-engineering with customer product development, tooling design and fabrication for metal stamping and plastic injection, surface treatment processes, automated assembly, mass production and on-time delivery. 


           Embedded with comprehensive manufacturing capabilities, our products are applied to automotive components for new energy vehicles, smart devices, and consumer electronics.



          As an enthusiastic pioneer practicing environment-protection activities, Ningbo Sunrise adheres to the concept of sustainable development and constantly researches and develops green products and technologies. We are committed to continuously improve the efficiency of energy resource , reduce waste, pollutant, and greenhouse gas. We work hand in hand with our supply chain partners to protect our Green Earth.


          As a member of the Society,Ningbo Sunrise  always  commit to the mission of "making contributions to the progress and development of mankind and society", and actively support social  activities year after year. At the same time, we regard employee happiness as the cornerstone of enterprise management, create and cultivate volunteer activities to help our society, encourage self-development of our employees, and contribute individuals’ and enterprise’ shares to the sustainable development of our society.


          Since establishment, Ningbo Sunrise constantly improve our corporate governance structure and management system. We strive to build a scientific, transparent and efficient modern corporate management mechanism. Abiding by business ethics, we are honest and faithful to our business partners.